Saturday, April 24, 2010

Music, Mud Fights and Chainsaws

The 36th annual Alaska Folk Festival took place in Juneau two weeks ago and it was SO much fun. Craig came back to Juneau for the week so it was super great to see him again! We listened to great music all week long. Most of it was local music from Juneau and other towns in Alaska with a few bands from out of state. Guy Davis was the featured artist and he was an absolute blast! This is one of my favorite songs he played, The Chocolate Man.
Craig enjoying listening to a jam outside on the lawn while little kids played in the grass. We had beautiful weather for the whole festival.

Training continues to go really well. We've been able to do a few service projects and start some trail work which is really exciting. We've also done trainings such as suicide prevention, domestic violence training, conflict resolution, invasive plant species, knot tying and we finally started chainsaw training yesterday!! Yippee!!! The weather has been really nice lately so I've enjoyed some great hikes, bonfires, and trips to the beach. At the beach just next to my campsite, I spend lots of time hunting for sea anemones and star fish in the tidal pools. I've seen sea otters, minks, and a humpback whale from that spot. Some of my favorite times are just hanging out on that beach talking with friends and enjoying the incredible view from our backyard.

Super tiny, cute mink that was trying so hard to take a nap. I wanted him to cuddle with me in my sleeping bag at night!
This one's for you, Karina! Playing in the mud during a SUPER muddy hike. We sank in the mud almost up to our knees!!
During that same hike, we bushwacked off the trail and went straight down the side of a sketchy incline and hiked along the side of the river until it met the road. It was a great adventure and we all ended up with SOAKING wet boots! :)
This is me infront of a tree that fell over, the root system is almost double my height! 
I hiked up to Herbert Glacier for a second time and made it quite a bit closer. I really wanted to be able to get on to the glacier but I couldn't find a way I felt safe with. Others made it and I hope to try again soon. 
This is what can happen when you live in the get really silly!!!
Touch Tank at the Fish hatchery. Sea Stars are really fun to hold!!!
Taking apart a chainsaw and putting it back together again. I'm learning so much about power tools- I love it! 
Me and my friend Kristy Burt. We both went to CSU, lived in the same dorm, graduated at the same time, had mutual friends and went to the same parties but never met until here in Alaska. Small world!!

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Karina said...

YEAH MUD WOMEN!!! Wow I feel special :) to be in your blog!