Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crews are here!!!!!

The youth crew members have finally arrived and our projects will start in just a few short days. The crew members are all from Alaska and are ages 17-24, with the majority of them 17. A number of them are from Anchorage, but others are from as far away as Barrow (on the Arctic Ocean!!) and Brevig Mission (close to Nome). They have been here for 4 days and it has already been such a blast getting to know them and see their personalities come out. We have been craming the 3 months of training we had into a one week crash course for them before we all head out on our first projects next week. I've been having a blast playing games with them, chatting around the fire, and learning about where they are from and what their lives were like growing up in Alaska.

Tonight we find out which youth will be on each crew so I'm really excited to find out. I'm not worried at all because they are all so awesome that no matter who ends up on my crew, I know we'll have a blast. They are all so eager to work hard and learn and give back to their state. I'm so impressed with their motivation and passion for this summer!
A close encounter with a moose right in the way of the trail!  
A Humpback Whale's skeleton at the Native Heritage Center in Anchorage
Hiking in Chugach State Park on the Power Line Pass Trail

Just a reference for how bright it is at night! I haven't seen darkness for a few weeks now!!!
Serve Alaska Youth Corps 2010!!
This is all the team leaders and the crew members getting sworn in to their term of service with Americorps!

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Catherine said...

I want to see a Moose! That is so amazing!